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Prevent the Need for General Pest Control In Your Home

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By Margaret Townsend on October, 6 2016
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All of us have our own definitions of what a pest is in our lives.  Many years in the bug control industry have shown all of us at AIPM the differences between the acceptable pest levels with people who prefer do-it-yourself pest control versus those who want all the pests just gone! Providing general pest control solutions has opened our eyes to all of the various possibilities.

Some people have no problem with spiders lurking about their homes. Rather they prefer living with them because they eat other non-wanted bugs. Others are terrified of seeing even just one spider in their home. Some people love watching wildlife from their windows but when they move into their home they deem it necessary to seek out critter control measures after they have exhausted all other options trying to keep critters from sharing their home with them.

Here are some measures you can take to minimize the need for hiring a general pest control company:


  • You ask, “How do I get rid of black ants?” Start by filling all small holes using caulk along the perimeter of your home. Ants love to come inside your home to feed on all of the food and water you have unsuspectingly left out.

  • Remove all available food sources you have inside your home i.e., crumbs left on kitchen counter tops. Clean these areas daily using hot, soapy water especially if sugary substances have been spilled.

  • Repair all water drips to help in the bug control arena (and to help during our drought!)

  • If you see an ant trail outside of your home follow it until the trail stops – take care of it immediately! Don’t wait. Pests outside of the home are always in search of small entry holes to go inside!

  • If concerned how to get rid of carpenter ants specifically, look for areas where high moisture and wood are next to each other. Many people don’t think to look to their drain gutters to see if they are plugged and are in need of cleaning. Check areas where flashing or siding has been damaged, wood left in crawl spaces.


  • Along with the exclusion measures taken above, it is a good idea to replace your outside lighting with motion sensor lights. A typical general pest control technique is to not attract the pest in the first place. Crickets are especially attracted to lighted areas at night. If you are not able to switch to motion sensor lights then turn off the light whenever possible! Not only will you be helping the drought but you will also be saving energy!
  • Be sure all of your screens are in good conditions. Even the slightest hole can allow for these bugs and other general pests to enter your home.


  • Moisture and high heat will attract silverfish into your home. They are usually found living close to where they are feeding i.e., oats, synthetic fiber, dead insects, so cleanliness is the key.

Sanitation, exclusion and moisture control can go a long way to prevent the need for a general pest control company visit.

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