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12 Pest Control Facts and Myths Revealed

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By Paul Townsend on June, 13 2017
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Sometimes as homeowners, renters, or consumers, we run into situations in our homes or business involving a pest we are just not too sure about. AIPM wants to keep you knowledgeable and make sure you are well aware of these common pest control myths and understand the facts! Having a better understanding of the pests surrounding your home the more power you have to control them. We confirm 12 pest control facts and myths that you might have been wondering about for quite some time now. Give it read!

  1. Bee Swarms are extremely dangerous to be near.
    False. Swarms are the bees most vulnerable state: they are the calmest they will ever “bee”!
  2. Only 10 of an active ant colony is above ground at a given time.
    True. Ant colonies can grow to incredible sizes.  At any one time, less than 10{2826c07b6f4c4abef453b0625b0fb4df9de0809e618000c38c4505a4b921a3ac} of the colony will be out of the nest.  Treatment methods, such as baiting or non-detectable sprays, are crucial to controlling ant populations.
  3. Gopher systems typically cover 100 sq ft.
    True. In urban settings, gophers do not tend to wander beyond 10 ft. In wild settings that can cover upwards of 2500 sq ft.
  4. Water bugs are the same thing as roaches.
    False. Water bugs are a separate species.  They are not common in southern CA.  Most people call them water bugs become they are embarrassed to have roaches.
  5. The only type of termite in southern California is the dry wood termite.
    False. There a multiple species in SoCal, the most common are the dry wood termite, followed by the subterranean termite then the damp-wood termite.
  6. Bees are the only insect that makes food for human consumption.
    True. Bees produce multiple types of edible commodities such as honey, pollen, and mead.
  7. Fumigating structures for termites will prevent future termites from infesting the structure.
    False. One the tarp comes down from a fumigation the structure is susceptible to new termites attacking.  There are some preventative techniques to slow this process, as well as maintenance programs to extend the efficacy of the fumigation.
  8. Gophers live in colonies with other Gophers.
    False. They are solitary at all time except breeding and while their young are growing.
  9. Rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter.
    True. Rats and mice can fit through anything their head will fit through.  Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime.
  10. Aggressive Africanized bees are easily distinguishable from European honey bees.
    False. They can only be identified with a microscope.  The only way to determine if they are Africanized hybrids is based on experience and the bees temperament.
  11. Minor bed bug infestations are easy for a technician to identify.
    False. Minor bed bug infestations are the hardest to identify due to the lack of significant bed bug traces/evidence.
  12. Ants have wings.
    True. Many species grow wings during swarming season. Don’t mistake a swarming ant with a swarming termite.

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