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Will the Rain Impact My Pest Control?

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By Bed Bug Dog Bob on October, 17 2017
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When it’s raining cats and dogs outside its one thing, but when it starts raining ants and cockroaches inside your home, well... you know you have a problem. No matter the weather, an insect will attempt to survive and find food. When the rain starts to pour down outside, insects are drawn out of their hiding places, and they do tend to appear a lot more than on sunny days. This poses quite a problem when trying to keep your home pest free.

Protecting your home during the rainy season can be a hassle. Spraying pesticides around your home is a waste of money because the chemicals will simply be washed away by the rain. We need rain, but it does pose quite a problem when trying to keep your home pest free. So, what’s the best way to keep bugs away when it’s raining outside?

Read Labels

If you are concerned about the environment and pesticides, especially on your lawn, you should be. In our day to day life, there are many chemicals we use that can play havoc with the environment if washed into the storm drains or into the topsoil. Using pesticides poses the same concerns, especially in rainy weather. It’s not a problem during dry weather, but during heavy downpours, pesticides can contaminate the water supply and damage plants if it soaks into the soil.

If you’ve purchased pesticides from the store, often times the product itself will have a warning label on the side of the package stating if you should or should not use the product when it is raining. Again, this should only concern you if it’s pouring down rain. If it’s only misting or sprinkling, there isn’t as much of a concern. In some cases, particularly if you’re using granules, the rain can actually help the pesticides become more potent.

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Go Green – Pest Control

If you are concerned that your current pesticide shouldn’t be used in the rain, then you might want to think of using environmentally friendly green products. There are many “green” labeled pesticide products on the market that you can also purchase instead of normal pesticides. Green pesticides are environmentally safe and often contain natural ingredients to eliminate your pest problems. In some cases, they may not work as well as typical pesticides you’re used to using, but they will do the trick and get rid of your pests without causing any adverse effects on the environment.

If you are spraying pesticides around your home, especially under eaves, around windows and house cracks, or inside your garage, these areas aren’t as exposed and therefore won’t be impacted as much, or if at all, by the rain. These areas also happen to be perfect locations for insects to gain entry into your home so you can use the harsher pesticides without being concerned about the washing away.

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