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Pest Control: 11 Easy Rodent Tips You Will be Thankful For

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By Bed Bug Dog Bob on November, 14 2017
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It’s unfortunate that some of us have to deal with rodents accessing our garage, kitchen, yard, walls, basements and almost anywhere. Rodents will do just about anything to get a hold of food or shelter. The key to keeping rodents away is to rodent proof your property and prevent them from entering your home.

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Here are 11 easy and quick pest control tips that will help you eliminate your rodent problems.

  1. One way how to keep rodents away is to thin out the ground cover or better yet remove any ivy and/or crawling plants on walls and buildings.
  2. Bushes and shrubs are one of the places where rats live so skirt your shrubs and bushes.11 Tips on How to Keep Rodents Away
  3. Pick up all ripen fruit that has fallen to the ground11 Tips on How to Keep Rodents Away
  4. Minimize or remove any squirrel or bird feeders since it is also a food source for rodents.11 Tips on How to Keep Rodents Away
  5. Keep your planters with open, nonplanted areas so the rodents cannot hide from predators. The openness will make rodents less comfortable, making them search for a more protected area.11 tips on how to keep rodents away
  6. Be aware that mulch may bring mice to your property.11 Tips on How to Keep Rodents Away
  7. Place rodent bait stations in areas of where trash cans and enclosures are kept.11 Tips on How to Keep Rodents Away
  8. Have your trash cans cleaned or replaced periodically to remove any food that is stuck to the sides of the cans. Most companies will replace filthy cans for clean ones when asked. This helps to keep rodents away as well as flies.11 Tips on How to Keep Rodents Away
  9. Keep all wood piles and other items stored outside at least 4” off the ground.11 Tips on How to Keep Rodents Away
  10. Seal all structure openings larger than a quarter for rats or better yet anything ¼” and bigger and you will keep mice out as well.11 Tips on How to Keep Rodents Away
  11. Install a garage sweep under the door to keep small rodents from finding their way in.11 Tips on How to Keep Rodents Away

If All Else Fails

If nothing is working in preventing rodents invading your home, then you might have a bigger pest problem. Contact AIPM for a free consultation. We are trained in handling all types of rodent issues. AIPM can eliminate the threats to your property while setting up a custom plan to ensure that you never have to face the same type of rodent issue.

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