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Pest Control: Noise in the Attic? Free Holiday Consultation!

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By Bed Bug Dog Bob on November, 28 2017
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Where’s that sound coming from? Is it in the attic? Can you hear it? It’s a gnawing, scratching sound like a small chisel eating away at a wood beam. It’s only the second week of December and way too early for Santa Claus to come knocking. Besides, why would Santa want to scratch around in the attic? You didn’t leave any cookies in there for him. There must be something else making all that noise. Wait… why did the light in the kitchen ceiling just flash? Oh no! It must be rats.

Rats and mice are notorious for burrowing and hiding in your walls and in your attic, especially during the holiday season. Throughout the winter months, they look for ways to keep warm, just like everyone else… and your home is ideal. A rodent infestation in your house is the last thing you want or need to deal with along with all the stress of the holidays. And once you’ve seen one mouse or rat, you’re bound to discover more.

Once rodents make a nest in your home, it’s tough to remove them. You could try using poison bait to drive them away. The problem with poisons though, you run the risk of the rodent dying in your walls or ceiling and rotting. There is nothing quite like the smell of rotting rodents to turn your holiday dinner into a disaster.

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You could attempt to use traps to capture your rodent freeloaders. The concern with traps is you run the risk of possibly being a bit if you do happen to catch the rodent. Although there aren’t many cases of rodents carrying rabies, they do carry other diseases that can cause you and your family great harm. Plus, if you do use a trap, there’s no guarantee you will catch all of the rodents. And what if the rodent you caught had babies? They too would die and rot, causing the same issue as using the poison bait.  Also, rodents are very clever and often are able to elude capture while still stealing away the bait from a trap.

Rodents are simply too much stress to add to your already hectic schedule. What you need is a professional! You need someone who knows how to eliminate your rodent and pest problems easily and effectively without any added stress. The professionals at AIPM are expertly trained in removing rodents and all types of pests. Their effective and efficient methods will rid you of all of your pest problems without worries of your family’s health or safety.

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Worried about rodents returning? There’s no need. AIPM knows all the tricks to keep rodents from returning to your home. They can set up a routine plan to make certain you have year-round, round-the-clock care so you will never have an issue with rats, mice, insects, or any wild pests ever again. Contact AIPM and schedule your free holiday consultation today. See how the professionals at AIPM can help eliminate some of the stress in your life so you can enjoy the holiday’s pest-free.


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- September 19, 2022

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