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Are You Truly Using Green Pest Control Methods?

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By Bed Bug Dog Bob on January, 9 2018
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You try to do your part for the environment. You compost when you can, buy organic fruits and vegetables, and you even go out of your way to purchase pesticides that claim to not harm the environment. We only have one earth, and you want to do your part to preserve it. Good for you. But is everything you are doing truly “good” for the environment? Or green pest control methods?

Green Methods

First off, what exactly does it mean by “going green”? Green products help keep harmful toxins from leaking into the ground, contaminating the soil and our drinking water and, well, causing havoc with the environment. Recycling and using recycled products is another way to help reduce the amount of garbage we toss into the landfills. Going green also means effectively managing your power consumption as well, including your need for fossil fuels, as in the gasoline used in your car.

Going green is tough. You constantly have to watch what you’re purchasing, making certain the labels on your products read Green Certified or Environmentally Friendly. But in many cases just because the labels claim to be one thing, they may be something else entirely.

Now, no one person can go completely green, but there are many ways to help the environment. When it pertains to your garden, often times doing nothing is the best method. There’s only between 5 and 15 percent of bugs out there that are harmful to your plants. The other 85 percent are actually helpful. By spraying pesticides on your garden as a whole, you risk killing the good bugs that are actually helping your plants survive and strive. The best way to help your garden is to pinpoint your pest issues and counteract them. Here are a few tips for some of the more sinister bugs you may find in your garden.

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Horn Worms

These worms are just nasty! And boy, don’t let them sting you. They’re well known to eat a full-grown tomato plant in a matter of hours. If you happen to find one Horn Worm, there’s bound to be many more just waiting to start nibbling once your back is turned. The best way to combat them is to find a good OMRI listed pesticide that contains Bt, Bacillus thuringiensis. Bt is deadly to Horn Worms. There are many organic, environmentally friendly pesticides that contain Bt. Thankfully, Bt itself is harmless to the environment. Also, at the end of the season, rototill the ground to prevent Horn Worms from returning the next year.


There are few things sadder than seeing your plants covered by aphids. Thankfully, one of the best ways of getting rid of aphids is actually quite fun. Combat aphides by purchasing Ladybugs or Ladybird beetles. By releasing ladybugs into your garden, they will not only snack on your aphids, but they also happen to have an appetite for many other harmful pests in your garden. You can’t go wrong with nature’s natural defenses.


Can you say “meow”? Okay, maybe not all of us happen to like cats, but when it comes to small vermin like rats and mice, a cat is the best way of truly going green. The added bonus is you get a furry lap warmer. But if owning a cat isn’t an option, you can invite your local owls to stop by for a midnight snack by installing a nesting box.

No owls? No problem. There are many natural green products on the market that you can shake around your garden to make rodents think there is a predator nearby. If you happen to have an outlet nearby, you can also use an ultrasonic pest repeller which not only will help keep pests from your yard but many other creatures as well.

Ultimately, reading labels is the best method when choosing green products for your home.  When choosing a product, take the time to research it online, see how others who have purchased the products in the past have faired and whether or not the product has the “green” approval rating. When it comes down to it, no chemicals and using only natural remedies are the best way to help the environment.

There may be times when green methods are making you red in the face, and nothing you do seems to work, then it’s time to call the professionals. AIPMs team of highly trained professionals know how to get rid of every type of pest problem you may have. Their advanced techniques will leave your home or office pest free. They can even set up a plan to ensure that you never have to deal with any pest problem again. AIPM also offers green methods. Learn more here.

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