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10 Steps to Controlling Ground Squirrels

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By Bed Bug Dog Bob on February, 20 2018
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What happened to all the oranges on the tree? What could have left such tiny teeth marks on the tomatoes? Why are there so many holes along the backyard fence? If you have asked any of these questions, then there is a good chance your yard is being terrorized by ground squirrels.

Okay, terrorized may be too strong of a word to use when talking about cute little fuzzy squirrels, or is it? You may not realize just how destructive a ground squirrel can be to your property. They can go way beyond stealing fruit off your trees or nibbling a carrot in your garden. Not only can they carry diseases like rabies, they’ve been known to hold their own in battles with pets. There has been many a pet owner who has had to pay a small fortune for stitches for their cat or dog because of a scuffle with a squirrel. Also, think of the holes that a ground squirrel creates. These holes can cause havoc on your property by weakening the ground and possibly even causing your home’s foundation to crack or sink in areas.

Yes, they might be cute, but these little marmots have got to GO! Here are ten tips on how to take back your yard from ground squirrels.

ONE: Throw some water on the situation

Ground squirrels are much like gophers. They make their dens underground to hide from predators and the elements. What they don’t plan for is water. Use a water hose and fill up their holes. This especially works well with drier climates. They won’t risk their holes filling up with water again and will most likely hightail it out of there. You don’t, however, want to do this if the hole is within close proximity to your home, just in case the squirrel’s hole happens to extend under your slab.

Two: Here squirrel, squirrel, squirrel

Face it, you know they’re cute, they know they’re cute, but they still have to go! There are many types of humane traps on the market that will allow you to trap an animal and relocate it somewhere else. Keep in mind, there is a good possibility that your problem squirrel will return. Releasing the squirrel at least ten miles away from your home might do the trick, but then it is rather horrible for the squirrel to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere. If you do plan on catching and releasing, check with your local authorities if it is legal to do so or you might end up paying a rather hefty fine.

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Three: Keep a lid on things

Squirrels are scavengers and like most scavengers, trash cans are the perfect place to find a good meal. By keeping your lids securely on your trash cans, you can prevent many types of scavengers from intruding onto your property, not just squirrels.

Four: Expand your garden 

One of the best ways of keeping ground squirrels out of your garden is by adding plants that they hate. Try using plants like Geraniums, which are easy to grow, quite hardy for both warm and cool environments, and add a splash of color. This flower’s scent repels squirrels. This also holds true with Lily-of-the-Valley, Hyacinth, Fritillaries, and Alliums. If you also have a problem with deer in your area, you can try planting Daffodils which both squirrels and deer can’t stand

Five: Your yard really stinks!

Oh, don’t worry, this is a good thing. If your yard smells like a ground squirrel’s predator, such as dog or wolf urine, they won’t stick around. If you already have a dog, great! Encourage Fido to do his nightly business near the squirrel holes. If you don’t have a dog, you might want to encourage your neighbors to let their pets stop by.

Six: Singing in the rain

Three words: Motion Activated Sprinklers. There’s no varmint alive that won’t make a run for the fence when faced with a wall of water upside the head. This is mighty helpful too if you happen to have a neighborhood cat that won’t stop whining under your window late at night.

Seven: Do you hear that?

Thankfully no, but you know those ground squirrels certainly did. There are several ultrasonic devices on the market that emit a low frequency that only vermin, such as ground squirrels, can hear. The sound sounds as irritating to them as fingernails on a chalkboard is to humans. Would you stick around if you had to listen to that?

Eight: Strong fences make good neighbors

This goes for ground squirrels as well. Ground squirrels burrow under the ground to make their tunnels and their dens. But, by installing a fence a foot or two into the earth, they will be less likely to want to invade your yard. If it isn’t easy, then they won’t bother.

Nine: Other Dining options

Like humans, we all enjoy good quality food. Sometimes we’ll even go out of our way for our favorite restaurants. Ground squirrels are similar and are more than happy to find a more delicious food source somewhere else. If you have a large yard, you may consider setting up a squirrel feeding station with “gourmet” offerings like peanuts to lure the squirrels away from your home. Sometimes it’s better to keep the peace than to go to war.

Ten: Get down and dirty

If you’ve tried everything, but those pesky squirrels won’t leave your property alone, then it’s time to go to war. Set up gopher traps within the holes of the squirrels. What’s good to capture gophers is good to capture squirrels. If you are a bit squeamish, you may want to use this as your last, dire option because it can be a bit gruesome.

If ground squirrels are exhausting you and you can’t keep them off your property, then it’s time to call in a professional. The AIPM team of professionals are experts in pest and vermin control. They know exactly how to send your squirrels and other pest packing. Give them a call and see how they can set up a plan that will keep your home or business pest and vermin free once and for all. Download this guide to ground squirrels here. Don’t forget to receive your free consultation today. Click here to fill out your form.

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