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2022 Trends in the Pest Control Industry

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By Paul Townsend on December, 14 2021
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A new year brings new trends. This is true for every industry, including the pest control industry. 2022 is guaranteed to bring about a handful of exciting new changes in how pest control is implemented on every property—including yours! Get up to date on all of the promising changes soon to be occurring and prepare yourself for the incoming new year!


Going Green Is In

As more and more property managers and pest control companies fully begin to understand the negative effects of the overuse of pesticides, green alternatives are increasingly used. As it stands, liberal pesticide sprayings will be a thing of the past by the time 2022 comes around. While pesticide is acceptable to be used in certain situations, it is no longer the go-to solution for pest control companies. Green products that are low in toxicity and leave less of an impact on the surrounding environment are being given priority when it comes to removing pest infestations. Natural-based products, for insects especially, are also being used at an increased rate. 


Cut Down on Rat Baits

At the beginning of 2021 in California, second-generation anticoagulant rat baits became illegal as a form of pest control, now and going forward. While effective, the chemical poison used in these rat baits can sometimes affect the wrong target. There have been instances of pets, and other friendly creatures, consuming the bait from the target animal. Therefore, these types of rat baits will continue to not be used in 2022. All of these changes mean great things for the earth, as well as the other species present around your property. Eco-friendly, non-toxic products can target invasive pests while leaving other animals, plants, or humans unharmed. After all, a green home is a happy home.  Carbon monoxide machines are becoming more and more prevalent and will continue to grow in popularity as a burrowing rodent solution.


Increase in IPM

IPM pest control methods are used all across the world in order to balance pest removal with safely maintaining the health of the ecosystem. California especially is leading the push for increased IPM techniques to battle against pest infestations. Above all, the goal of IPM practices is to reduce the usage of pesticides and rely on other, safer methods of pest control instead.

When it comes to managing properties and keeping pests out of your neighborhoods, IPM is one of the most beneficial solutions—which is exactly why IPM methods will be used more frequently in 2022 and beyond.

So what exactly can IPM methods look like? Cleaning up garbage, clearing out over-clogged drains, removing branches, and overall maintenance are all IPM methods that aim to reduce pest populations. By removing the parts of a habitat that encourages pest population growth, IPM methods can win against infestations before the battle even starts. 

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Seal the Deal

One of the most popular methods of IPM currently being used is preemptively sealing up entry holes. Pest control specialists identify even the tiniest entry that a pest can use to invade your home and seal it securely. A meticulous pest control specialist can seal any gaps in windows, walls, doors, or anywhere in the building in order to reduce the chances of a larger infestation. That just goes to show a little work ahead of time can go a long way!


Technology in the Field, and Beyond

Previous technological advancements in the pest control industry were not focused on field integrations; however, when it comes to the pest control trends of 2022, field technology is going to be used in exciting new ways. Not many homeowners or property managers might know what field technology advancements look like, but they’ll certainly enjoy the advanced pest control efficiency the advancements bring. 

The opportunities for improvements are nearly limitless. One example of field technology includes smart sensors, which can identify if an animal enters a trap. Some advanced traps can even determine the species, monitor it, or remove the pest using electricity. Once the pest control is implemented, the trap can even send an email alert requesting service. That’s true efficiency that benefits both property managers and pest control specialists! 

Push for the Complete Package: Professionalism counts. More and more property owners are looking for pest control companies that can offer the total package, not just a quick pesticide spray. Comprehensive pest control that effectively handles pest infestations from start to finish is becoming the true standard to rely on. And it makes sense. Rather than have one company provide preventative control measures or a small pest start-up offer a harmful chemical treatment, one truly experienced pest control company can offer a variety of different services that are eco-friendly and efficient.

For HOAs and property managers especially, finding that one reliable company to build a partnership with pays off in the long run. 



Get prepared for the new year—and any pest control problems it might bring—by staying up to date on all of the latest pest control trends. And, get a free estimate for any pest infestation that plagues the properties you manage with the help of AIPM. 

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