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5 Benefits of an HOA

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By Paul Townsend on June, 14 2022
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Thinking of living in an HOA? The benefits of an HOA are many for homeowners. These include great amenities, expert maintenance services, and the chance to create deep connections with the people surrounding your home, there’s something to attract everyone. Keep reading to discover just how great life on an HOA can truly be!

  1. A Sense of Community: One of the main perks of living on an HOA is being surrounded by like-minded people. Having a property in an HOA is a conscious choice to respect communal areas and HOA rules, as well as participate in planned HOA activities. It’s easier to foster a deeper sense of connection with your neighbors by taking advantage of all of the events and amenities offered by your HOA. 
  2. Increased Property Value: Properties in an HOA must adhere to strict rules. However, by following these rules, the property value of homes in the HOA increases. HOAs also offer valuable amenities, such as pools or parks, that are attractive to prospective homeowners. Purchasing a property in an HOA is a great investment that can protect the value of your homes even as the housing market changes over time. 
  3. Maintenance and Pest Control Services: One of the services that some HOAs provide to homeowners is careful maintenance and upkeep of some public areas. Rather than worrying about outdoor care or invasive pests on your own, HOAs will partner with professionals to keep parks, pools, and/or common rooms clean. HOA pest control responsibility typically covers the areas where all residents use, but usually not issues on your own property. However, some pest control companies, like AIPM, offer residential pest control great discounts on personal pest issues, helping to save money and provide verified service.Click here to get up $100 off of your next one-time pest control service!
  4. Extra Amenities: A lot of HOAs offer residents more than just a close-knit community or well-maintained living area. Many HOAs provide amenities to homeowners that enhance everyday life, such as pools, parks, fitness centers, walking trails, and a variety of other exciting different places that aren’t included in non-HOA neighborhoods. All of these communal HOA areas require regular maintenance upkeep and professional pest control in order to keep the amenities clean and ready for use!
  5. Calm and Quiet: It’s no secret that living in an HOA comes with a range of rules and regulations to follow. This extra structure can ensure that everyone in the community lives together peacefully by clearly setting expectations for noise levels, parties, and more. The nuisances that often come with living nearby other neighbors is all managed and regulated by the HOA, minimizing the effort you put in to keep your property a comfortable, relaxing place to be. 

Living in an HOA provides homeowners with countless attractive benefits that improve everyday quality of life and simplify any potential complications of home owning. Enjoy well-maintained swimming pools, higher property value, and great pest control coverage. 

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- September 19, 2022

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