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Best Property Management Software to Effectively Manage Your HOAs

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By Kevin De La Riva on October, 19 2021
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Properties managers need to juggle countless different tasks and handle both daily and emergency situations. It can be tiring to constantly —and effectively— oversee your commercial property. Whether you manage an office, a shopping plaza, or anywhere in between, having software support can assist you in all of the duties you regularly complete. These top property management software options help streamline maintenance requests, rent collection, and negotiating lease contracts in order to help you effectively manage your HOAs.

Key Features

Each of these four high-quality property management software apps can assist in all of the daily tasks a commercial property manager must complete. When deciding which software is the best match for you and your unique duties as a property manager, pay careful attention to accounting, business operations, and leasing options that can help assist you every day. Easy access is also an essential feature of property management software. Being able to complete your tasks from anywhere throughout your residences can help ensure you’re up to date with all of the duties and on top of everything that needs to get completed.

  • Buildium: A great, well-designed property management software application that best suites property managers overseeing a medium size amount of commercial properties, Buildium is an effective option for streamlining daily tasks and simplifying your daily work. The software easily tracks duties such as vacancy management, accounting, lease racking, and automated rent payment through it’s a cloud-based system. Even better, Buildium offers a range of pricing plans in order to suit a variety of different customers and their needs. There is no start-up fee or annual contracts required with Buildium, making it easy to test out the software for yourself. Pricing begins at just $50 a month!
  • Yardi Breeze: Best suited for property managers in charge of maintaining a small to mid-size amount of commercial properties, Yardi Breeze makes management simple. The property management software has a variety of features including live-chat support, smartphone accessibility, online payment processing, and plenty of other essentials. Yardi Breeze is a great option for property managers looking over a diverse amount of property types, including family homes and commercial properties. In order to use Yardi Breeze’s property management software, property owners must agree to a one-year contract. Pricing depends upon the number and size of units you are managing; generally, prices start at $1 a month per unit. It’s a great selection for managers looking to keep their software simple and affordable.
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  • Simplifyem: Another great option for mid-sized property managers with a tiered payment structure, Simplifyem offers all of the standard features at a great rate. It’s easier than ever to integrate usage with other applications, such as Excel, and quickly get a break-down on available units. The property management software is also capable of sending out bulk emails to tenants with important reminders about rent, alerts, and more. Other features include lease tracking, tenant management, and vendor management, among others. The pricing plan that Simplifyem offers is a great fit for property managers with a range in unit size; 10 units are $10 a month, 20 units are $20 a month, and so on. This can help savvy property managers get the best deal and avoid overspending on additional software they don’t require. 
  • Appfolio: A mobile friendly, easily accessible property management software that can help property owners increase their origination of tasks and task completion rate, Appfolio is a great choice for software that can help effectively manage HOAs. The software is two-sided, intended for use by both property managers and other users, such as tenants and landlords. Appfolio also offers impeccable customer service that can help smooth over any issues that arise when using the platform. Compared to other property management software, Appfolio offers a greater range of payment options. The only two things to watch out for with Appfolio —the price isn’t the most affordable on the list and no free trials are given. However, there is a free demo that you can apply for by contacting the customer service team!


Downloading property management software is the single best decision that a commercial property manager can make in order to do their job smartly and effectively. Don’t let yourself struggle for a single day longer —instead, download one of these four best property management systems to manage your HOAs and never look back!

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