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Don't let those Christmas tree bugs make your home their home

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By Paul Townsend on December, 14 2022
Christmas tree tied up on the car with spider webs

It’s the holiday season, and the whole family is patiently waiting to start decorating the Christmas tree with lights and ornaments, signaling the start of the holiday season. But nothing can put a stop to these festivities faster than a Christmas tree bug infestation in your home! That’s why learning all about the types of Christmas tree bugs that can enter your home, effective treatment methods, and when to call a professional for assistance can go a long way in keeping your holidays happy and pest-free!

Do Christmas trees really have bugs?

The short answer is yes, Christmas trees really do have bugs. In fact, they have all kinds of different bug species that can invade your home and dim the shine of your happy holiday season. While it might be natural to have a few bugs left lingering in the branches, the last thing you want during your celebrations is to deal with an out-of-control pest infestation. So, don’t stress about a single bug crashing the party–but if there are signs of a more serious pest problem, be prepared to take action. 

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Do I need to treat my Christmas tree before bringing it into my home?

When you pile the whole family into the car and head to pick out a Christmas tree together, ask to have the tree shaken before bringing it home. This can help dislodge and remove loose needles, dust, dirt, and a range of Christmas tree bugs from their hiding spots around the tree. If the Christmas tree company doesn’t offer those services themselves, hitting the trunk of the tree flat on a hard surface yourself should also help shake the clutter and critters free. You can also spray down the tree with a garden hose once you return home for some extra peace of mind. 

What can I use to treat my Christmas tree

As the pinnacle of your festive decor (and the place where all of Santa’s presents will be stored), keeping your tree healthy–but also Christmas tree bug-free–is essential to a happy holiday season. Since the tree will be kept indoors, constantly around your family, avoiding the usage of chemical pesticides is key. Luckily, there are other holistic pest treatment methods available to keep your tree–and more importantly, your family–holly, jolly, and healthy during the holidays. Treating your tree with some Diatomaceous Earth to kill off bugs before entering can stop many potential invasions. And, neem oil spray is an effective and natural way to keep pest populations contained. 

However, be sure to avoid chemical bug sprays–they often contain flammable components that aren’t a good combination with Christmas trees near heaters or fireplaces!

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What kind of bugs come with a Christmas tree:

There are countless different species of bugs that can grab a free ride on your Christmas tree and spread to the rest of your home, including the following:

  • Aphids

  • Spiders

  • Mites

  • Adelgids

  • Pine needle scale

  • Sawfly

  • Bark beetle

Aphids, mites, and spiders are generally the most common Christmas tree bug to find hiding behind the ornaments. However, these are by no means the only Christmas tree bugs that have the potential to put a damper on any of your holiday celebrations. Knowing how to correctly identify all of these types of Christmas tree bugs can help you determine the best way to get rid of that exact species of pest from your home during the holidays. 

Steps to prevent Christmas tree bugs from getting into my home

The best offense is a good defense–that’s why it’s critical to take preventative steps before bringing your Christmas tree inside. Ask for your tree to be shaken down at the store, hose it off once you bring it home, and treat it with a few natural methods before setting it up in the heart of your home. In most cases, this can effectively keep pests out and your holidays happy!

But, if any of those sneaky Christmas tree bugs can break through your careful defenses, don’t hesitate to call a residential pest control expert, like AIPM. Taking quick action can make the difference between ruined holiday celebrations and maintaining a very-merry Christmas. 


Keep your holidays happy, healthy, and pest-free this Christmas season. Knowing how to treat your tree, defend your home from uninvited creepy-crawlies, and identify pest activity when it happens can go a long way in making sure your home remains the perfect place for holiday festivities. And, when that’s not enough to stop Christmas tree bugs in their tracks, contact professionals to give you the best present this Christmas–a comfortable, pest-free home!

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