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Halloween is around the corner, and so is spider season

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By Margaret Townsend on October, 18 2022
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The Halloween season is all about scary things, and there’s nothing scarier than finding a bunch of spiders making themselves comfortable in your home. The arrival of fall means that spider season is also here, and all homeowners should carefully watch for increased spider activity in their homes and take preventive measures to avoid an infestation. But what exactly makes fall the perfect season for spiders, and why are they active during that time? Learn all about why Halloween is the top time for spider activity, the types of spiders that commonly come indoors, and when to call an expert for help with a spider issue!

Why are spiders more active near Halloween?

It’s not that it’s Halloween and suddenly the perfect backdrop for increased spider activity; rather, spider activity increases in the fall for a variety of reasons. First, fall is the season of romance for spiders, not festive frights. Many species of spiders are busy seeking mates during this time. While these spiders have always been around, they become far more visible as they build webs, hunt, and look to procreate. Also, spiders that were small babies in the spring have now had two seasons to get much bigger and much more noticeable.

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What types of spiders will commonly make YOUR home, THEIR home?

Let’s face it—the last thing you want is a family of spiders getting comfy and cozy in your home this fall. Some spiders are more common to find setting up indoors than others, such as the:
  1. American House Spider
  2. Domestic House Spider
  3. Wolf Spider
  4. Black Widow

These spiders are all frequently found in California and often search for shelter indoors, making your home the perfect place for them in the fall. Some are frightening but mostly harmless, such as the Domestic House Spider, but others, such as the Black Widow, have venomous bites that can potentially be fatal for the young, old, and those with weak health.

What should homeowners do during spider season?

As a homeowner, the best thing you can do during spider season is to take preventative action. Some forms of preventative action include:

  • Shutting windows at night to stop spiders from sneaking in
  • Regularly cleaning out any webs to discourage spiders from getting too comfortable
  • Limiting access to food and removing any dead flies that might attract spiders
  • Clean up clutter to remove any potential spider hiding spots
  • Fill in gaps and small entry holes that might let a spider inside

Not all spiders are bad spiders; after all, these 8-legged creatures are a natural form of pest control and can help keep other pest populations under wraps, such as flies or insects. However, finding a spider in your home when you least expect it can certainly be a fright! Instead of killing some of these harmless spiders, try catching them and releasing them outside. After, go through your home carefully to remove any of the reasons why they might have entered, such as easy access through a gap or food lying around. 

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While one or two friendly spiders might not be a big issue, the last thing you want is an out-of-control spider infestation. If there is an overwhelming amount of spiders in your home, the catch-and-release method simply will not be effective–and handling that amount of spiders on your own is quite alarming!

The best method of taking care of any spider problems around your home is to call a residential pest control company like AIPM. DIY methods can help prevent a pest problem from occurring, but it can be extremely difficult to safely and effectively remove a spider infestation on your own–especially if the spider species are dangerous or venomous. In these cases, it is always best to partner with a pest control expert to ensure that the pest problem is securely taken care of. 


This Halloween season, focus on the fun–like carving pumpkins, handing out candy to well-dressed trick-or-treaters, and decorating your home head to toe in scary decorations–and not on the threat of spiders. If you know the signs of spider activity and take preventative action, many times you’ll be able to ensure the only spiders in your home are festive fake spiders, not a real creepy-crawly. And, if any infestations occur during this spider season, call a professional like AIPM immediately to return your home to its true comfort!

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