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How to avoid Summer Pests as an HOA homeowner

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By Paul Townsend on July, 11 2022
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Summer is a season of non-stop sun and outdoor fun, school vacations, relaxation, and also—summer pests. That’s right. While you’re busy enjoying the cool comfort of AC from inside your home or spending time outside in your yard, pests are busy making themselves at home all throughout your property. Ants, spiders, flies, and fleas are some of the common summer pests that increase their activity between spring and fall, but they’re not the only ones. 

What pests are most active during the summer season and what can you do as an HOA homeowner to manage these persistent summer pests? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know to keep your summer stress–and pest–free!



Ants thrive in warmer weather–that’s why as the temperature rises and summer starts, it’s far more common to see ants parading around your property, whether building up ant hills outside or sneaking inside in search of a food source. And, once it starts getting too hot in the summer, ants often search for water–and they often find it in moist places, such as inside your bathroom, near a sink, or in any other humid area of your home. 


Although spiders are beneficial predators and help in keeping insect populations in check, sometimes they can become a pest, especially in the summer weather—and especially if they start to make your home their home. Many species of spiders are more active in the summer because they’ve got optimal conditions, with plenty of flies buzzing around to feed on, sunny skies, and mating season fast approaching. While different species of spiders prefer different environments, such as ones that are dry, moist, indoors, or outdoors, when it comes to common household spiders, if outdoor conditions aren’t to their standards though, they’ll seek out shelter indoors. One or two spiders living inside your home isn’t an issue (especially if they’re cutting down other pesky pest populations), but a spider infestation calls for direct action and management.

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During the summer season, rodents are highly active. Scuttering mice and gnawing rats can cause damage to your home and property with their summer activity. While some rodents like to find comfortable indoor spaces in the winter to stay warm, they sneak indoors in the summer for the opposite reason–to stay cool and avoid the heat. Learn everything you need to know about managing mice and rodent populations here!


The quintessential summer pest, mosquitoes multiply in warm weather and remain ready to attack in search of blood during any BBQ dinner, pool party, or picnic. The warm temperature accelerates their life cycle, meaning more mosquitoes are breeding, hatching, and hunting in the summer season.


Flies are here year-round, but in the heat of the summer, their activity increases drastically. Like mosquitoes, the warm weather speeds up their life cycles, resulting in more flies buzzing around your home during the height of the summer. Flies are common both indoors and outdoors during the summer, enjoying both the outdoor heat and the resources provided inside your home, making them a bothersome summer pest. For more ways to keep flies in your home under control, keep reading here!

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While fleas are active year-round in Southern California, their activity increases drastically in the summer.  As pets and people spend more time playing outdoors in the sunshine and good weather, the chance of fleas causing problems goes up. After all, not only are people outside spending more time in an area where fleas might be, the summer is when a large portion of fleas are hatching and active. 


Ticks are another summer pest that enjoys the warmth of the summer. The warm conditions suit this summer pest perfectly, and the increased outdoor activity from humans and pets alike means that their food source is easily accessible. The most common ticks seen in Southern California are the brown dog tick, American dog tick, Pacific Coast tick, and the Western blacklegged tick, many of which can spread harmful diseases to humans!


Pest Prevention  

Rest assured–even though the summer brings about a host of summer pests and increased pest activity, there are plenty of ways to keep these pests out of your home and your summer fun uninterrupted. If you’re living on an HOA, some pest problems can be taken care of by your local property manager–but not all of them, so be sure to stay up-to-date on all maintenance and pest prevention on your own!

  • Closely examine your home for any exit or entry holes, such as small gaps in windows and doors, or holes and gaps. Seal these areas tightly to prevent pests from entering.
  • Carefully clean up all spills and scraps of food. Keep all food in sealed containers so that summer pests in search of a food source aren’t tempted by your home.
  • Get rid of all standing water. Summer pests such as mosquitoes use still water to breed and create even more pests to pester you. Check for areas where rainwater collects, leaky hoses, or any other places where water might be unable to properly drain.
  • Keep all landscaping properly trimmed and well-maintained. Foliage and shrubbery can be used as shelter, food, and even a form of entry into your home for persistent summer pests.

However, if summer pests are still lingering even after all your best DIY and preventative measures, it might be time to call in the professionals. AIPM’s team of certified pest control specialists can help solve any pest problem and provide real results. 


The summer brings out the sun and the pests, so be prepared to take preventative pest measures and call in a professional if the problem persists.

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