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Real-life creepy bugs and critters that can scare any homeowner

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By Laura Michael on November, 1 2022
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Pests aren’t only annoying to deal with—sometimes, they can be downright frightful, giving even the most laidback homeowner a fair scare. But there’s more to worry about when it comes to pests than just a simple fright. Many pests can cause damage to your home, spread disease, and disrupt any semblance of comfort or cleanliness on your property. Learn all about how these terrifying critters can enter your home, how to get them out, and when to call a reputable professional for help!

Why ALL Homeowners Should Look For Invading Critters and Bugs This Thanksgiving

Halloween has come and gone, but, with the cooler temperatures, fall weather and changes in pests' natural cycle, pest activity (especially from the truly creepy critters and bugs, such as rats, mice, spiders, roaches, and earwigs) can increase on your property. Catching a pest problem in the earlier stages is far easier to stop than after the infestation has spread. That’s why it’s important for all homeowners to carefully look for any signs of pest activity occurring in their home.

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Why Do Critters and Bugs Enter My Home Easily?

If the same type of creepy critters and bugs are continuously popping up around your home, you may be wondering how they’re able to infiltrate so easily. There are any number of ways they could have found a way inside, from crawling into boxes and traveling in, entering through gaps in doors and windows, and even sneaking through exhaust fans and vents. That means, when you head outside to hang up your Halloween decorations this year, make sure to double-check the storage boxes on the way back in and get rid of any potential stowaways.

What Types of Creepy Critters and Bugs Can Enter My Home?

Let’s face it—there’s not truly any pest that’s enjoyable. But some are certainly spookier than others. For instance, compare a cockroach with an ant. While both are bothersome to have hanging around your home, seeing a cockroach scuttle around your kitchen is far more terrifying than a single ant marching on the floor. 

Creepy bugs like silverfish and earwigs—thin, long-legged, and downright frightening—can commonly be found inside homes. So can a range of different species of spiders, as well as a variety of rodents! Don’t forget about crickets too, like the house cricket and camel cricket, both of which are found commonly throughout California! All of these pests enjoy living sheltered in comfort in your home, though their exact preferred environment can differ by species. For example, roaches enjoy moist areas while rodents like making nests in drier places.

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How Can I Prevent Critters and Bugs from Getting Into My Home?

None of these creatures are the type any homeowner would like to have unwanted in their home. So, how exactly can you prevent these pests from getting into your home in the first place?

There are several DIY methods and preventative techniques that homeowners can use to try and decrease the likelihood of finding creepy bugs—during both Halloween, and any season. Some pest control measures include:

  • Carefully sealing up any entry holes leading inside your home. Check around doors and windows especially, as they can be common areas where small cracks or gaps can let creepy bugs in. 
  • Eliminate any sources of food or water. Clean counters, wipe up spills, regularly remove garbage, and clean food waste out of recyclables well. Even make sure to pick up your pet’s food bowl after dinner time is over to avoid attracting unwanted bugs to your home. 
  • Get rid of hiding spaces. Many species of pests, especially spiders, roaches, and silverfish, love to lurk in sheltered hiding spots. By vacuuming the floor, sweeping away spider webs, and decluttering your basement, you can reduce any areas a pest might like to linger.
  • Go natural. Before hitting the pesticides, try using natural solutions such as a mixture of vinegar and water, peppermint, or citrus. The best type of repellent to use depends on the type of pest you’re trying to repel! 

However, the most effective method of pest prevention is by partnering with a residential pest control company, such as AIPM. Experts can easily identify any areas around your property that might be susceptible to pests, and create a comprehensive plan to get rid of all current pests, plus prevent more pests from invading. 


Hopefully, you didn't get too spooked this Halloween season and are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, not critters and bugs. Carefully avoid letting in any creepy bugs or other frightful pests into your home by paying close attention to any signs of pest activity, taking preventative pest control measures, and knowing when to call a professional for immediate assistance. Celebrate this Thanksgiving with your friends and family, not with uninvited pests!

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- December 20, 2022

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