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What Sign is Most Likely to Indicate a Pest Infestation this Fall

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By Paul Townsend on August, 29 2022
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As summer fades away and fall arrives, there can be a lot of changes going on inside and outside of your home. After all, kids go back to school, the days start getting shorter and shorter, and fall festivities are right around the corner. However, one unfortunate sign of the changing seasons can be pest infestations. Since the fall brings about different species and different types of heightened pest activity, it’s essential to clearly recognize what sign is most likely to indicate a pest infestation this fall, in order to tackle any pest problems fast and keep your home safe and secure.

Keep reading to discover these crucial 6 signs of a pest infestation during the fall season. The sooner that pest activity is identified, the easier the issue is to resolve.

The 6 Key Signs of a Pest Infestation

Whether you’ve got a pest problem inside your home, or outside around your property, quick identification of the issue can help ensure the pest population is properly taken care of. If you’re living in an HOA association, pest activity discovered on your own personal property generally must be taken care of by the HOA homeowner. However, most HOAs will handle pest control issues found in common areas, like pool rooms or lobbies, and also any pest problems that spread out of the common areas into a private residence. If you’re not sure of your HOA’s rules regarding this, check your HOA regulations or read here (link to other AIPM article) for more detail.

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By staying vigilant and keeping an eye out for these 6 common signs of a pest infestation, you can take immediate action to contain and remove the pest problem.

6 signs of a pest infestation: pest droppings, evidence of nesting, damage to physical structures, damaged plants, dead bugs found indoors, strange smells and sounds

1. Pest Droppings

If you’re wondering what sign is most likely to indicate a pest infestation this fall, pest droppings are a key indication that pests are active. After all, if there’s poop, there’s pests. Check for droppings in cabinets, under appliances, and all around your home–but be careful. Pest droppings can carry harmful disease, so calling a professional might be best in this situation. 

2. Evidence of Nesting

Finding nesting means that a pest population has already gotten quite comfortable making a home inside of your home. Indoor nests might be in comfortable places like an attic or basement, while many outdoor nests can be found inside of gutters. Check all areas around your property for signs that pests have started hunkering down. 

3. Damage to Physical Structures

There are a lot of different types of pests that can cause structural damage to your home, such as termites or rodents. Discovering damage to objects around your property that wasn’t there before most likely means a pest population has been quite active. Chewed wires, half-bitten food packages, and other damage is a likely sign of a fall pest infestation. 


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Damaged Plants

Damage to your plants is often another sure sign indicating a pest infestation. Different pests, especially insects, will happily gnaw on leaves and plants. Carefully inspect all indoor plants for bite marks and other damage caused by pest populations, then make a plan of action if damage is found. 

Dead Bugs Found Indoors

One or two dead bugs inside might not be a problem, but if there are a lot of dead bugs–and if they’re all of the same species–that’s a likely sign of a fall pest infestation. Look on window ledges and in basements for any dead bugs. If you find a lot, that means it's likely the bug population is living inside your home. 

Strange Smells and Sounds 

Pest populations can emit strange smells and sounds. While the exact disturbance depends on the species itself, scratching and sounds of movement are likely sounds signaling a pest infestation. In terms of smells, rodents often have a musty smell, while pests like cockroaches emit an oily smell. Pay attention to any smell or odd sound that’s out of the ordinary around your home.

How to Deal with Pest Infestations

Pest infestation solutions: Keeping your home clean, especially of food scraps, to avoid inviting pests inside, Sealing up all holes and small entryways into your home, Use plants that naturally repel some species of pest, Keep your yard trimmed and maintained

Knowing how to correctly identify the signs of a fall pest infestation is only part of how HOA homeowners can keep their houses safe and secure. The other part of the solution is knowing how to take action. Once discovered, those fall pests won’t take themselves out of the equation.

Luckily, there’s a few steps you can take in order to quickly and efficiently deal with pest infestations in your home this autumn season.

Some DIY fall pest infestation solutions include:

  • Keeping your home clean, especially of food scraps, to avoid inviting pests inside
  • Sealing up all holes and small entryways into your home
  • Use plants that naturally repel some species of pest
  • Keep your yard trimmed and maintained

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However, the absolute most effective way of removing a pest infestation is to contact a professional pest control company, like AIPM. Professional pest control specialists can help ensure that the problem is completely eradicated and taken care of. Leaving even just a small portion of the population behind can allow the infestation to occur again. Plus, pest professionals are able to utilize a variety of pest control tools and methods to safely remove different species of pest from your property. If you’re not sure which pest control company to call for issues in your home, try using your HOA’s preferred partner. While HOAs might not cover pest problems found inside your personal property, they can still help direct you to a reputable company with effective pest control solutions.


In terms of what sign is most likely to indicate a pest infestation this fall, these 6 signs listed above are often a clear indicator that there’s pest activity occurring in your home. By taking immediate action once these signs are discovered, you can help prevent any additional damage, keep your family safe and healthy, and quickly return your home to a comfortable, pest-free environment. And while some DIY pest control solutions can help reduce the problem, working with a professional, such as AIPM, is the single best way to keep your home pest-free this fall.


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- September 19, 2022

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