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It's spring: why do i suddenly see silverfish infestation in my house

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By Laura Michael on February, 14 2023
Silverfish on a piece of fabric

While many homeowners might enjoy the sunshine and warm weather that spring brings, not many enjoy the increased pest activity. One type of species that can be seen indoors more frequently in the springtime is silverfish. Drawn to moist, dark places, these pests commonly cause infestations in residential areas as the outdoor environment shifts and the need to find new sources of shelter occurs. Learn all about these slippery pests–and most importantly, how to prevent a silverfish infestation from occurring–by reading ahead!

Why are silverfish so active in spring

Three silverfish eating pages off an old book

Although silverfish can be active during every season, their indoor activity often peaks in the springtime. Southern California winters can actually provide more moisture and better conditions for silverfish to live in outdoors. However, as springtime comes around, silverfish start to look for new environments that contain their optimal level of moisture, humidity, and darkness. Oftentimes, this ideal location can be inside your home. As these pests thrive in dark, humid environments, any moist places around your property, like basements or bathroom cabinets, are perfect spots for a silverfish. Your home can also provide ample food sources for silverfish to feast on. Silverfish can eat a variety of materials, such as fabric, paper, glue, meat, cereal, and nearly any other source of carbohydrates or protein. 

Image: pinch bug, ants, silverfish, cricket and black widow. Get rid of spring pests for as low as $43/month.

Are silverfish dangerous?

While not as dangerous as other types of harmful, disease-spreading pests like mice or bed bugs, silverfish can still be quite destructive.  They do not bite and rarely carry harmful pathogens; however, because these pests are such voracious eaters, their appetites can cause a lot of damage. Silverfish can gnaw through valuable items like old books, favorite clothing, or important documents. Silverfish infestations can also occasionally trigger allergic reactions and spread germs.

How do silverfish get inside my home 

Silverfish in kitchen corner

Tiny and quick, silverfish can enter residential properties through small gaps, cracks, or openings in your home. Doors with small cracks or open windows can easily lead to a silverfish infestation. Silverfish can also be carried indoors on objects like boxes of paper, fabric, or other items with a high sugar or starch content. Once a silverfish infestation occurs inside your home, it can be difficult to remove. 

Type of silverfish native to Southern California

Types of silverfish: common silverfish, gray silverfish, four-lined silverfish

The combination of high temperature and moisture levels in Southern California makes it the perfect environment for silverfish, both indoors and outdoors.  There are a few different varieties of silverfish that all residential homeowners in Southern California should know, including:

  • The common silverfish
  • The gray silverfish
  • The four-lined silverfish

Each of these species differs in appearance and prefers different temperatures and humidity levels. However, all of these types of silverfish pose the same risk to your property. Some of these pests can live as long as 8 years, which is why it’s important to take preventative action against silverfish.


How to prevent a silverfish infestation

Having a silverfish infestation does not mean that something is wrong with your house; however, it does mean that you should assess your property and search for ways to dissuade these wriggling pests from sticking around. Some of the best ways to prevent a silverfish infestation in residential areas include:

  • Keep your home clean
  • Seal all dry food in airtight containers
  • Ventilate all humid areas
  • Keep clothing in dry places
  • Seal up all entry holes leading inside your home
  • Clean up clutter around your residential property

If a silverfish infestation has already occurred on your property, there are various pest control methods you can use to kick these insects to the curb. Sticky traps, cedar oil, and borax can all help reduce active silverfish populations living on your property.  

However, the best method of effectively removing a silverfish infestation is to call for professional residential pest control help. AIPM is primed to assist all Southern California homeowners in the presentation and removal of silverfish infestations, for locations in Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, Oxnard, Sherman Oaks, Malibu, Woodland Hills, and beyond!


Long, shiny, and wriggling, silverfish are resilient pests that are highly active in the spring. They enjoy moist, humid environments–both indoors and outdoors–and can easily set up their home inside your home!  A silverfish infestation inside your property can be challenging to remove, so learning all about these pests–and how to get rid of them–is crucial to keeping your home clean and comfortable. For the most effective silverfish infestation removal, contact a professional like AIPM for expert pest control assistance. 


Image: pinch bug, ants, silverfish, cricket and black widow. Get rid of spring pests for as low as $43/month.

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