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(VIDEO) Genius Way to Enjoy a Bee and Wasp Free Memorial Day Weekend

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By Molly Paws on May, 30 2022
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You’re out with your family and relatives on a spring picnic, the sun beaming down on you while enjoying your tasty lemon cake and ice-cold soda. Then, you hear a familiar buzzing sound! Unwanted guests have shown up surrounding your snacks, and before you know it, you slap your face as your right cheek begins aching in stinging pain, and the tiny assailant flies away with a smirk on its face!

A year later, you plan to have a BBQ party out on the lawn instead and wonder, “How do I keep wasps and bees away this time?” Watch the video above and learn a simple buzzworthy trick from AIPM’s very own expert biologist, Margaret Townsend, to repel those pesky invaders and make it known that your party is none of their beeswaxes!

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Up Your Arsenal with these Additional Methods

After you’ve mastered the fine art of using the above method to create a trap only to realize that it’s not enough, you can also use these other methods as well:

  • Mint/Marigold/Cucumbers/Cloves
    As a compliment to the bottle trap, you can also mask the scent of your delicious BBQ by placing bowls of freshly cut marigolds or mint leaves around the area of operations. This makes it so that they won’t have a reason to go near you in the first place.
  • Keep the Trash Covered
    If you see wasps or bees out before you even start preparing for your BBQ, then they are there for another reason. One of these reasons is your trash can is near your home and not being covered properly. Always make sure that your trash is covered and place it far away to avoid attracting pests!
  • Do Routine House Maintenance
    Regularly look for crevices, gaps, holes and broken panels around your home and repair or fill them up. These are very attractive spots for the insects to make nests in. Also, make sure all windows closed and install filters if necessary to keep the pests form flying in.

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Removing the Soda Bottle Traps

An important point to remember is to place the traps on the outer perimeter of your area of operations. This ensures that kids or pets won’t go wandering around the traps and get themselves stung!

If you’re scared of handling the traps with all those tiny stinging critters inside, make sure to use a stapler or tape to keep the head of the soda bottle attached to the body. Once everything’s said and done, you can simply cover the hole or top of the bottle so you can safely move in and dispose of the bottle.

If the soda bottles are swarmed with wasps and bees upon removal we DO NOT recommend that you get close to a swarm of wasps or bees! As there is a high chance that you will get stung in the process!

*If your plan is to take them out of commission, you can submerge the trap in water for one and a half hours to make sure that they’re dead before moving on.

If you find any wasps or bees in a swarm around your vicinity or home do not take it upon yourself to remove it! This can be very dangerous! Always have a pest control professional remove bee hives or wasp nests. At AIPM, we specialize in bee or wasp removal. Contact us for more information at 888-344-6567 Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. You can also e-mail us at


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