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The Do’s & Dont’s of Critter Control

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By Molly Paws on December, 19 2017
Three gophers having socializing

What’s this? Holes in your yard… again! Everywhere you look there’s another hole in your grass, another flower brutally torn up and eaten, and don’t even think about looking at the trash cans. You don’t want to imagine what horrors await you every morning. Do you feel as if your yard is under siege by critters and you can’t do anything about it? No matter who or what may be invading your yard or home, they all can be annoying and quite damaging. Critters, like voles, ground squirrels, and gophers, can destroy your yard if ignored too long. There are many ways to help your critter control problems with just a few items you have lying around your house. Take back your yard and your sanity and get your critters under control with these simple remedies.


Just about everyone has seen cartoons where a “rascally rabbit” sneaks into a garden and steals the prized carrot right out from under the gardener’s nose. But had the gardener thought to have grown onions or garlic in the garden, the rabbit would have been less likely to take the carrot. Critters have such a keen sense of smell that harsh odors cause them to seek a more favorable environment.

  • Do: Plant garlic or marigolds in with your flowerbeds will also keep critters from making a salad out of your prize gardenias.
  • Do: Surround vegetables that are more at risk with chicken-wire fencing, lightweight sheets of fabric or netting.
  • Do: Use scare tactics such as a plastic owl, to discourage any smaller critters. Better yet, attract a real owl by installing a nesting box.
  • Do: Get crafty and make a scarecrow.
  • Do: Plant in raised beds or containers. If they have difficulty reaching your garden, they’re less likely to take the effort.
  • Do: Clean up rotting fruit from around trees every day.
  • Don’t: Use electric fencing or other shocking devices. There are good animals and insects, such as birds and bees, which help your garden who could be badly hurt.

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Spices / Smells

How about getting a little spicy? Let’s just say there hasn’t been a critter yet that volunteered to judge a chili cook-off. They hate spices! By sprinkling around your problem areas, your critters will be hightailing it off your property in no time.

  • Do: Uses spices such as cayenne and chili pepper around troublesome holes.
  • Do: Hang bars of soap around problem areas. The smell makes critters believe that a human is nearby.
  • Do: Reapply repellents after every rain.
  • Do: Make sure your trash can lids are on securely. Critter may hate harsh smells, but last night’s pizza in your garbage can is a huge a treat for them.
  • Don’t: Pour poisons into the ground.


Do you have a cat or a dog? If not, you might want to consider adopting a new pet. Homes with pets have fewer issues with critters than those without. Not only do pets chase and hunt unwanted critters, the vibration of your pet’s movements around the yard annoys and repels critters as well.

  • Do: Keep pet food and other goodies in sealed containers.
  • Don’t: Leave pet food outside for critters to enjoy.
  • Don’t: Allow your pets to attack, only chase away any other animals that come into your yard. If either your pet or the critter is bitten then the critter might have a disease and can infect and possibly kill your pet.


If owning a pet isn’t an option, you can consider using technology.

  • Do: Use a battery operated radio and place it near a hole of an unwanted critter because they don’t like noise and it scares them away.
  • Do: Use motion sensitive lighting.
  • Do: Use motion activated sprinklers for critters who like to dig in your yard.
  • Don’t: Use technology with a cord just in case your critter has a craving for electrical cords.

All of these ideas are helpful but you never want to approach any critter in your yard. It doesn’t matter how small the critter is. Even the tiniest mouse can transmit diseases like Salmonella, Rabies, and Typhus. Use extreme caution with any situation involving any type of critter. If at all possible, call a professional like AIPM. They are experts in critter control and know exactly how to handle any situation and how to best minimize any further property damage.

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