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California 2018 Summer Mosquito Trap Guide

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By Molly Paws on June, 7 2018
A mosquito sucking blood on skin

What is summer without some fun? Summer is all about relaxing by the pool, barbecues, drinking a refreshing tropical drink or just relaxing in a lawn chair and catching up on your favorite book. Summer may have a lot to offer, but when Mother Nature turns up the heat, we’re not the only ones who like to go outside and play. Along with summer also comes the annoying buzz of mosquitoes. Just when you’re relaxed, all of the sudden WHAM there’s a giant red hill forming on your arm. Mosquitoes are a real drag on any fun time.  Which is why we want to give you the latest tips and best mosquito trap products to help you get through summer.


Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they can also be extremely harmful as well. With over 150 species in the United States alone, mosquito bites are attributed to over 7-million deaths worldwide every year. They travel from person to person, biting as they go, but if someone happened to have a disease or was sick, the mosquito carries it right along and transfers it to its’ next victim. More common is the spread of the West Nile virus. If lucky, a victim of the West Nile virus will exhibit symptoms and seek treatment quickly.

Only about twenty percent of people infected will show signs of the West Nile virus. Most of the time, those who have been bitten manage to build a tolerance to the virus. Those with weakened immune systems and especially those over the age of fifty may have greater cause for concern. If left untreated, the virus can lead to the brain swelling or life-threatening nervous system complications such as meningitis or encephalitis.

Mosquitoes also transfer heartworm disease to pets and livestock. Heartworm disease is caused when a mosquito that carries the parasite bites a dog, cat or another animal. Much of how the West Nile and other virus are transmitted, each bite can spread the disease from one animal to another. A heartworm can make a home in your pet’s heart or lungs and major arteries. They can also grow up to a foot-long. A heartworm infestation can lead to heart failure, lung damage and potentially other life-threatening issues.

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Malaria is yet another nasty disease mosquitoes spread. Half the world’s population is at risk from Malaria with nearly a million people dying every year. In the U.S. we don’t concern ourselves with Malaria as much as we should. As many as 2,000 Malaria cases are reported in the U.S. every year.


How do you stop these annoying little insects? First, look around your home. Mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs in standing water. Once a mosquito lays an egg, depending on the weather, it can take only ten days for a brand new blood-sucker to set out on the prowl.

You can prevent many mosquitoes from laying eggs around your property by:

  • Cleaning out your pet’s water dish every night.
  • Dump out any excess water from any “junk” sitting around your property. Look inside old tires, trash bins, and planters.
  • Run fountains and fish pond pumps to keep water moving.
  • Check your plants’ saucers for standing water.
  • Empty out spas or small pools that aren’t being used.

Your Mosquito Trap Solution

Those were ways to prevent them, but what about the means to get rid of them entirely? You could start with mosquito traps. Mosquito traps use the mosquitoes’ sensory abilities against them by tricking them. By simulating the CO2 odor humans produce coupling it with heat they lure mosquitoes inside, trapping them in containers where they die.

Traps can be very effective if used correctly. They’re best used in shaded areas located between where mosquitoes come from and where people gather in the yard. The best idea is to try it in different places until you find the right area. You’ll also need to experiment with a variety of attractants to see which ones appeal most to your local mosquitoes. Some of the best traps are:

  • Nontoxic fly and mosquito bag traps are one of the cheapest alternatives to keep mosquitoes from buzzing around your home. The trap is made out of a bag with liquid inside that draws insects within and traps them.
  • Ultrasonic pest repellers are also a good alternative. A bit more costly, but these devices not only repel mosquitoes and flies, but they also keep other creatures out of your homes such as roaches and mice.
  • Sticky traps such as fly paper. This is best used away from where people congregate because it actually attracts insects to it.

Alternative Solution

If your mosquito problem is keeping you up at night, then it’s time to call a professional. AIPM are experts in insect control and know exactly how to handle any situation and how to best minimize any further property damage. Receive a free estimate today! Contact us here.

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