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What to Do Monthly to Manage Pests the Right Way

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By Molly Paws on October, 28 2019
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No one wants to have a pest infestation inside their property, but pests do tend to make their way inside. You could have a problem with mice, rats, bed bugs, or even ants at some point. Because pets can cause damage to a home and create an environment that is unsafe and contaminated, you need to take certain steps to manage pests and keep things under control.

Pay Attention to Any Warning Signs

Take a few extra minutes each day to look around the property for any potential signs of pests. Different types of pests will leave different evidence behind. For example, mice and rats may leave droppings while bed bugs often leave black specks on different surfaces, such as beds, couches, and even curtains. Not all signs of pests are obvious but you should look in areas where you have had pests before to see if anything unusual is going on. When you are actively checking for these pests, you have a better chance of spotting them and then handling the situation properly before the infestation gets out of control.

Have a Pest Control Company Visiting the Property

You should make sure an experienced pest control company is visiting your property each month for routine pest control treatments. These treatments may include the use of pesticides or insecticides. If you have mice or rats inside the home, the treatment may include checking for small holes, sealing any entry points for these pests, and baiting the rodents to capture them.

If you want to manage pests each month, pay attention to any potential signs of pests inside the property. You should have a reliable pest control company coming out to the property each month for routine treatments to help you keep up with the pest control process while preventing additional pests from getting into your home or business.

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