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How To Deal With Pests On Your Pets

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By Molly Paws on November, 18 2019
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We all love our pets, however, they are often at risk of getting pests such as fleas and ticks. Once they get these pests, they often bring them into your home, which is definitely not good for you or your family. Paul Townsend, our Operations Manager, here at AIPM tells us that “thankfully, there are many things that you can do to protect your pet and your family.” And we will now look at a summary of the advice he gave us regarding pests on your pets. 

Fleas, in particular, are quite difficult pests and once one of your pets are affected, they can easily spread to your other pets and inside your home. You will notice your dog or cat being very itchy and once the fleas have spread inside, you and your family will also likely get bitten by the fleas, which is quite uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it is very easy for fleas to invade and infest your home. Additionally, you may also be at risk of ticks. Unfortunately, ticks, in particular, can spread Lyme disease which will make your pets feel quite sick. Bed bugs are also another difficult pest and even though they mainly affect humans, they will also affect your pets who may be sleeping on the bed with you. 

So, in order to get rid of these annoying pests, you should vacuum your home regularly, especially the areas where your pets tend to be the most. You should also ensure that all of your pets are treated with tick and flea medications and they are up to date. It is important to physically check your pets for any signs of bites or actual ticks and fleas on them. If you do see any, you should take them to your veterinarian right away. If you have a large yard, then you should also make sure the grass and lawn is kept low since tall grass can easily hide these pests. 

In summary, we have just looked at a few quick solutions when it comes to dealing with pests on your pet. Be sure to follow these guidelines and your furry friends and home should remain pest free.

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