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Ant Pest Control: Effective Strategies for Summer Infestations
By Margaret Townsend on May 2, 2023

As an entomologist, biologist, and residential pest control expert, I am fascinated by the bustling activity of ants during the summer season. These...

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Summer Bugs Wars: How to Win the Battle Against a Critter Invasion
By Margaret Townsend on April 18, 2023

Bugs, bugs, bugs. They're everywhere, especially during spring and summer in Southern California. During the spring season, crickets, ants, bees, ...

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Spring brought a cricket infestation to my home
By Margaret Townsend on March 14, 2023

Time to face the music–spring is here and so are crickets. Just as ants, bees, cockroaches, pincher bugs, silverfish and spiders, these noisy...

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What To Do When You Have a Pincher Bug Infestation This Spring
By Margaret Townsend on January 31, 2023

Small but mighty, pincher bugs are most known for their scary-looking forceps. These pests are highly active in the spring season and can be found...

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The New Year is here... and so are Winter pests
By Margaret Townsend on January 3, 2023

Does your New Year’s Resolution include a pest-free home? As this year begins to roll to a close and the new year approaches, homeowners need to stay...

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Why homeowners should worry about a rat infestation
By Margaret Townsend on November 29, 2022

A rat infestation in your home isn’t just a scary sight–the presence of these pesky pests can also cause physical damage to your house, spread...

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Halloween is around the corner, and so is spider season
By Margaret Townsend on October 18, 2022

The Halloween season is all about scary things, and there’s nothing scarier than finding a bunch of spiders making themselves comfortable in your...

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Why Are Bees and Wasps a Pest Problem in the Fall
By Margaret Townsend on October 3, 2022

Most homeowners don’t consider bees and wasps a pest problem in the fall–after all, bees conjure up the image of the springtime season, spreading...

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It's National Gratitude Month and we have a lot to be thankful for!
By Margaret Townsend on November 23, 2021

First and foremost, we are thankful for our amazing and dedicated staff. We have all had our ups and downs this year, births, deaths, and new...

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