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Green Pest Control for the Future and Beyond

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By Kristen Wosk on January, 18 2022
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The future of pest control is here–and it’s green. That’s right–homeowners all across the country are starting to recognize the value of sustainable pest control methods and demanding that their HOA or preferred pest control company start thinking green

The fact of the matter is, green pest control methods are practices that can benefit everyone, including both the natural ecosystem and every person living in it. Discover exactly why it’s the pest control of the present–and the future–plus every reason why it’s simply a natural fit for you and your property. After all, green pest control is simply here to stay.


Why Go Green?

There are a lot of pros to going green– what could possibly be wrong with effectively treating pest issues while helping to preserve the environment? Reducing chemical usage and exposure to damaging toxins is beneficial to both humans and nature, making green methods the obvious choice for the future of pest control.

For example, when dealing with invasive outdoor bug species, using pesticides can kill every type of critter in the area, not just the pest. That means that if you spray your garden with chemicals, chances are you’ll only remove 10-15% of harmful pests. The other 85% consists of good insects that are actually crucial to your plant’s survival and wellbeing.

Treating outdoor spaces–and even indoor spaces–with green, organic pest control methods can effectively manage pests in an environmentally friendly way. Some non-chemical forms of pest control techniques include setting physical barriers, such as netting, or planting foliage or shrubs that repel pests. Other green methods of pest control include:

  • Exclusions
  • Irrigation schedules
  • Modified foliage
  • Trash removal
  • And other non-chemical pest control techniques

Not only are green forms of pest control effective, but they also maintain a careful balance with the surrounding ecosystem. The overuse of pesticides damages plant life, animal life, and even human life. That’s why pesticides should be used sparingly as a form of pest control–and only through licensed pest control professionals. 

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The Latest on Green Pest Control News

As more and more people begin to realize the importance of making the switch to green pest control, stricter regulations supporting green pest control are being passed. All of this helps preserve environmental health and leave our planet safe and in good condition for this generation, and future generations.

California is leading the forefront in sustainable pest control practices, enacting pest control rules that all professional pest control specialists must follow. For example, current restrictions on rodenticide products differentiate between commercial and agricultural products and also ban the use of pelleted bait, as well as most other forms of chemical rodent control. These regulations, for rats and other pests as well, are being continuously updated to reflect the latest research and better improve our health. This is why it’s essential to work with a professional well-versed in the most recent updates to pest control regulations.

When in doubt, California urges homeowners, property managers, and anyone using chemical forms of pest control to carefully read the label. The information listed on the label can clarify important information regarding usages, such as target pests, the active ingredients, application instructions, and potentially harmful effects of using the product, among others. The information on the label is the law. This applies to everyone, not just pest control specialists.

In fact, ensuring proper pesticide usage is just one of the many reasons why pest control companies must be licensed in California. As chemicals can be significantly damaging if improperly applied, the experience must be verified in order to protect the environment, and everyone living in it. When searching for a pest control specialist to partner with, be sure to check that the pest control company has all of the necessary certifications and licenses.


Green methods are the future of pest control. By prioritizing pest control techniques that do not rely heavily on pesticide usage, the health of helpful animals, nature itself, and humans can all be better preserved. Take the first step into using green methods today by working with an eco-conscious, professional pest control company like AIPM.

At AIPM, we focus on finding a pest control solution that removes pests safely, effectively, and greenly.

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