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Methods to Prepare Commercial Buildings for Summer Pest Months

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By Paul Townsend on March, 3 2022
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The summer’s full of sun, fun,—and pests. So take a preemptive strike against damaging pest populations now to help ensure that your commercial building stays pest-free the whole season long. The right combination of techniques and preventive maintenance can make all the difference once the heat rises and the summer starts. Avoid swarms of insects and hordes of ants, plus a whole range of other summer pests, by using these cost-effective pest control methods.


Common Types of Summer Pests

Pest activity ranges dramatically from season to season. And while some pests thrive more in the spring or autumn, others become more active in the hot summer days. Knowing what type of pests to expect around your property in the summer can help you determine the perfect pest control methods to use. Mosquitoes, ants, flies, and bees are some of the most common offenders during the summer season. They can ruin any summer fun, but also can infest commercial buildings if proper pest control isn’t completed.


Once the weather starts to warm, these pests—plus plenty of others—start to hunt for food, build shelter, and reproduce. While some pest control methods can help reduce all pest populations, certain species of pests require specific forms of treatment. Keep in mind that a pest control specialist with in-depth knowledge of a range of different pests and behaviors can provide effective pest control methods due to their expertise.


Save Money and Prevent Pests

Effective summer pest control techniques don’t have to break the bank—in fact, you can still keep pests off your property and have money left over for summer fun. And when it comes to preventing pests at commercial buildings, saving every cent counts. 


One of the single, most effective forms of pest control is IPM or integrated pest management. This type of pest control stresses environmental conservation and discourages pesticide usage. IPM emphasizes non-harmful forms of pest control, especially preventive techniques. 


Additionally, many IPM techniques are also highly cost-effective, making them a great choice for anyone looking to keep pests out of their commercial buildings. Don’t waste valuable money on handling pest infestations once they hit in the summer. Follow these simple yet powerful IPM techniques for real results. 


Check Your Building

Before the summer hits, take a walk around your building and observe the outside for anything that can be immediately tackled. Search out holes in the foundation, openings in windows, or any area that a pest can sneak inside. Then, fix up all of those entryways to avoid unwanted summer visitors.

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Get Rid of Standing Water

Spring brings rain—and lots of it. Which is great for growing flowers, but not so great for preventing pests. Built-up standing water can act as a breeding ground for bothersome pests such as flies and mosquitos. In order to ensure that all still water is effectively drained, look for areas around debris, potholes, clogged drains, and gutters. These places can be a common cause of pest infestations on commercial properties if not properly handled. Drain anywhere you have standing water, all without spending hundreds on pest control services. 


Keep an Eye on Fruit

Another simple and affordable, yet effective, IPM technique to reduce summer pests in commercial buildings is to keep a close watch on fruit. While other food sources and scraps should also be carefully monitored, fruit is one of the worst offenders at attracting summer pests. Make sure that any employees, visitors, or coworkers all store their fruit in areas pests can access.



Protecting your building from pests in the summer months starts with the right type of pest control. And don’t be mistaken in thinking that only expensive pest control can provide the right services. Follow these cost-effective preventive techniques all on your own before the summer starts—or work with expert pest control specialists like AIPM to get the ultimate care at an affordable rate. 

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