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How to avoid Fall Pests

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By Paul Townsend on September, 19 2022
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This fall season, make sure that the only creepy-crawlies on your property are Halloween decorations. While some people believe that pests go away in the fall, that’s not always the case, and homeowners should stay active with their pest prevention techniques in order to avoid fall pests from making themselves at home in your house. Keep reading to learn what pests are most active in the fall, the best ways to keep fall pests off of your property, and when it’s ideal to call an expert!

Do Pests Really Go Away in the Fall?

The drop in temperature and other changes in climate can reduce pest activity in some populations and make them less visible in the fall, such as flies and mosquitoes. The decrease in available daylight can trigger a state of rest for species like insects, giving the appearance that pests are no longer there. However, for many other types of pests, such as rodents or spiders, the fall simply means a shift from outdoor activity to indoor activity. Pests that enjoy living outside in the spring and summer often seek more comfortable places to live in the fall. And what can be more comfortable than your nice, clean home?


Common Fall Pests in California

Many people view the spring and summer as prime pest season; however, there are many fall pests that are highly active in the autumn season. These pests can be commonly found scuttering around your home, so keep a careful eye out for evidence of their activity and be prepared to take action:

These fall pests often seek out comfortable areas in your home to survive. As they can cause physical damage to your home, infect your food supplies, and even spread harmful disease, it’s important to prevent them from settling into your home and remove the pest infestation once it occurs.

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Top 5 Tips to Prevent Fall Pests

Pest prevention tips: Seal all entry holes, Keep your kitchen clean, Control moisture in your home, Store firewood properly, Dispose of garbage

In order to keep your home free of fall pests this season, be sure to follow these 5 essential tips. Just a little bit of preventative pest control can help to ensure that your home stays comfortable and pest-free in the autumn.

1. Seal all entry holes: Take a careful look around your property and seal up any cracks and crevices. Any small gap can let pests into your home and turn into a huge pest problem. Areas such as the gaps around windows and doors are common entry holes, but you should also check your vents, pipes, and other places that pests can enter from. 

2. Keep your kitchen clean: Many fall pests, like ants and rodents, are drawn inside in search of available food sources. Any food scraps or crumbs left on counters or the floor can entice a pest into your home. By routinely cleaning up fallen food or spills, you can help prevent fall pests.

3. Control moisture in your home: Make sure that all moisture-prone areas are kept dry, such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces, since many species of fall pests, especially cockroaches, require areas with moisture to survive. Using a dehumidifier can help ensure that the moisture-levels are kept well-regulated.

4. Store firewood properly: If there’s any firewood on your property, keep it more than 20 feet away from your home. This reduces the amount of places where fall pests, such as spiders and insects, can hide.

5. Dispose of garbage: Garbage bins are a great place for fall pests to stay and search for food. All indoor garbage bins should be tightly sealed to keep pests out and decrease the chances of fall pest infestations occurring. Pay careful attention to any trash cans in your apartment where food waste goes, as that’s extra tempting for pests!

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When to Call an Expert

However, if all of these pest control tips simply aren’t enough to keep fall pests out of your home, then it’s time to call in a pest control professional like AIPM. While preventative care and DIY efforts can occasionally help prevent pests, often it isn’t enough to truly eradicate a pest issue. Expert pest control companies can effectively remove fall pest infestations from your apartment using a variety of powerful, eco-friendly pest control methods, as well as create plans to prevent further fall pest problems from occurring. Ensure your home stays pest-free this fall by working with a reputable pest company like AIPM!


Just because some pests grow less active in the fall season doesn't mean that homeowners can relax with their pest control measures. In fact, plenty of pest activity increases in autumn as pests migrate from the outdoors to indoors. Make sure to avoid fall pests by taking preventative action before the fall starts, and call an expert for immediate assistance once a pest infestation occurs.


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